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Meet The Team

Madison Surgical Associates is extremely proud to have a team that strives to make your journey easier.

Amanda M.

Physician assistant

Amanda joined our practice in February 2019. Amanda is an Alabamian native who grew up in Trussville, AL. Amanda has an older brother. She attended The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for her undergraduate degree and UAB for her masters degree as a physician assistant. Amanda is a musician who plays acoustic guitar and sings. Patients at Madison Surgical Associates love her too.

Jessica M.

Nurse and Team Lead

Jessica has been working in the medical field since she was 15 years old. Jessica joined our practice in June 2008. She is a military child and was born in Germany. Mom is German and dad is from the Pacific Islands. She speaks German fluently. She loves spending time with family and being silly with her two children and making them and others laugh. Enjoys music, dancing, traveling as well as customized cars and crotch rockets. Patients absolutely love her and her efficiency.

Madeleine S.

Receptionist and Billing

Madeleine  joined our practice in 2011. Madeleine is from Germany as well. Interestingly she knew Jessica in Germany when they were kids. She also speaks German fluently.  She is married and has two kids. She is a nature freak, loves hiking, kayaking, and camping. It is all about the family for her. Patients also admire her professionalism at the front desk on clinic days.

Amber E.

Medical Assistant

Amber joined our practice in November of 2014. She was born in Huntsville but she was raised in Kelso, TN. Amber has a son that she adores. She loves bowling and fishing also. She is a star on clinic days and makes sure that clinic runs smoothly on office days.

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