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Bariatric Surgery

Discover a Healthier You

Take control of your health through
medical weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Surgery

Beginning of a Healthier You

Take control of your health through
bariatric weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery In Huntsville, AL

Madison Surgical Associates is the leading bariatric weight loss practice in Huntsville, AL. We offer a full range of surgical procedures, including sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric banding, gastric balloon, surgical care, and a weight management program closely supervised for our patients’ success. Our comprehensive program is designed to fit our patients’ unique needs.

Dr. Ravindra Mailapur

30+ Years Experience

Dr. Ravindra V. Mailapur joined Huntsville Hospital and founded The Bariatric Surgery Center of Huntsville in 2004, now known as Madison Surgical Associates. Dr. Mailapur developed the idea of a comprehensive Bariatric Surgical Program and partnered with Huntsville Hospital. He currently serves as the Medical Director of the Weight Loss Surgery Program at Huntsville Hospital.

Bariatric Weight Loss Solutions ​

Sleeve Gastrectomy​​​

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is the most common procedure for obese patients and produces consistent long term success with weight loss and resolution of health problems.

Gastric Bypass​

Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y gastric bypass has proven successful for many years and is an effective surgical weight loss option.

Gastric Banding​

Gastric Banding surgery decreases the stomach size by placing a silicone band around the stomach’s upper part and reduces food intake.

Gastric Balloon​​​

Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss tool where a silicone balloon is temporarily placed into your stomach to reduce food intake.

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Self Pay Options

Starting At $9500.00

Our patients have the option of paying out of pocket for their weight loss surgery. Some of our patient’s insurance does not cover the bariatric surgery cost. We have partnered with the hospital systems in the area and can, therefore, give you a surgery package price.

View affordable financing options for any bariatric operation.

Free Bariatric Seminar​

twice a month

Register for our FREE weight loss seminar is the first step in your weight loss journey. Our surgeon, Dr. Ravindra V. Mailapur, walks you through the different types of surgeries. In the seminar, you will gain valuable information to make an informed decision on the surgery that is the best fit for you.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet and ask our surgeon questions.

Understanding Obesity

Understanding Obesity​

What is obesity, am I obese?

Obesity is a complex disease that can significantly impact the quality of your life. With more than 30 health conditions caused by obesity, it’s important to understand. In general, overeating and limited exercise can cause obesity. However, genetics, environment, and other factors can play a strong role.


500+ Five Star Reviews

Dr. Mailapur gave me the encouragement and tools I needed to have a healthy long life and for that I will always be grateful. Now I can actually start living life instead of just existing. Thank you Dr. Mailapur from the bottom of my heart.

Saundra Lewis

I had the sleeve surgery and this wonderful tool helped me to lose 60% of my excess fat! My life has changed. This is the absolute best decision I have ever made regarding my health! Thanks Dr. Mailapur!

Elizabeth Broadway
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