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The Day Before Surgery


Preparing Your Bowel Before Surgery

You may get instructions for preparing your bowel when you go to your pre-operative appointment. Follow each of the steps thoroughly.

On the day before you have your surgery, you can drink clear liquids only. These include black decaffeinated coffee with no added sugar, water, black decaffeinated tea with no added sugar broth, bouillon, gelatin, and clear popsicles.

At midnight before your surgery, you can take in nothing at all by mouth except any medications that the surgeon and anesthesiologist approved beforehand. You have to have an empty stomach when surgery starts so that you have a smaller aspiration risk. 

Please follow the instructions given by the nurses when you go for pretesting.

If You Get Ill Before Your Surgery

If you develop an illness such as a persistent cough, a cold, a breakdown of the skin, fever, or any other problems in the days before your surgery is scheduled, it’s essential to let the surgeon know right away. He may have to re-evaluate you to see if you are ready for surgery. You must be in the best shape possible when you get anesthesia. If you have a condition that changes your overall health, your surgery day can be rescheduled.

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