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Bariatrics is a medical field that is about obesity. It studies what causes obesity, how it can be prevented, and its treatments. The Greek roots baros and iatrike respectively, mean weight and treatment. 

Bariatric surgery is also called weight-loss surgery. It is the operations performed to give patients control over their appetites, cause weight loss, and modify their dietary intake long term.

Gastric is a word that describes the stomach and everything related to it.

Obesity is a medical condition that comes from the body, storing too much fat. It is defined as a person weighing at least 20% of what they should weigh, according to their BMI. The BMI measurement comes from calculations based on the patient’s weight, height, and age. Right now, about 35% of Americans are obese. This is alarming because obesity gives people a higher risk of getting several life-threatening diseases. When a life-threatening disease is promoted by obesity, it is called morbid obesity.

Revision surgery is a weight-loss surgery that is performed to change or correct a previous bariatric surgery.

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