Almost 3 months post OP, and the news I received today is almost miraculous. Went to my endocrinologist today and my A1C was 6.1, this coming from someone who has seen it at 14+ within the last 3 years. For a diabetic, that is HUGE!
I have had zero sugar meds or any insulin of any kind since my sleeve surgery on 2/18/19. Going from 2 pills a day, 2 shots a day plus a shot at every meal to absolutely nothing, is truly amazing from someone who has been a diabetic for over 25 years.
My wife and I are going down this journey together (surgeries were 1 week apart). As of today I am 61lbs down, and over 26 inches lost. My wife over 50lbs down and both of us are doing great.
I told Dr. M at the seminar, in my opinion, that diabetes was the root of all evil and if the surgery would get rid of my diabetes, I was ready to do this. Today was just more reassurance that we made the right decision to have sleeve surgery.
Thank you Dr. Malipur and your staff for the life changing tool you have provided my family with. With this tool, there are no doubts in my mind, that our quality and quantity of life have increased exponentially! See you in 2 weeks for our 3 month appointment. May God Bless you and your entire staff!