One of the most crucial factors for long term success after weight loss surgery is exercise. Engaging in both aerobic and resistance exercise will promote total body conditioning and help maintain a healthy weight. Physical therapists can assist you in developing an exercise program that is safe and specific to your individual needs. Physical therapists can also help you establish and implement an effective home exercise program the you will feel confident continuing on your own after discharge.


How do I know if  I need physical therapy after bariatric surgery?

You may benefit from physical therapy if you experience some of the following scenarios:

  • need help getting started with a safe and effective exercise program.
  • have a neck or lower back pain, which makes it difficult to exercise.
  • have trouble walking on uneven surfaces, such as through grease, over curbs, etc.
  • have burning pain that radiates down your legs with walking.
  • get out of breath very easily with any activity.
  • have trouble walking up and down stairs because it hurts your knees.
  • feel unsteady on your feet, have a fear of falling or have had a fall in the last year.
  • have to take frequent breaks throughout the day because of fatigue and weakness.
  • are concerned about weight gain.

Getting Started

Search for a well accredited physical therapy program in your town. In most cases you will undergo an initial evaluation during your first visit to determine the types of exercise that will benefit you based on your current condition. After your exercise plan is developed, you will visit the facility as recommended. In this time you will learn how to safely exercise on your own, which can result in long term success with your weight loss goals.

Insurance coverage

Most insurance plans will cover physical therapy with certain diagnoses. Your physician can help you determine if physical therapy would be beneficial for you. It is always a good idea to verify your benefits with your insurance company. A physician referral is required to begin our therapy program.

For more  information regarding Physical therapy after bariatric surgery you may download our pdf file.