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Dr. Mailapur is a Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons. He is board certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery. Pursuing his interest in cutting edge technology he successfully completed a fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Bariatric Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida. He has practiced surgery in Huntsville since 2004.

Dr. Mailapur has a wide range of surgical interest and expertise including but not limited to minimally invasive hernia repair, laparoscopic gallbladder removal, and thyroid surgery as well as bariatric surgery. Dr. Mailapur utilizes the DaVinci robotic system for selective procedures when it offers an advantage over laparoscopic surgery. A complete list of procedures performed by Dr. Mailapur is listed under the “ Common Surgical Procedures” section of the website.

“I realize surgery is a major event in my patients’ lives. I make every effort to explain surgical procedures in familiar terms and answer all questions so my patients and their families are at ease.”

Dr. Mailapur refers to bariatric procedures as a “tool” to what he believes bariatric surgery is to his patients. “Bariatric Surgery is a “tool” I give our patients to help them re-take charge of their lives and help them make a definite change towards a healthier lifestyle. Bariatric surgery alone will not bring the patient what they need to pull through. Patients need to be committed to the process and follow through and know that they are the key to their success.”

Dr. Mailapur has been married for almost twenty years and has two children. When he is not at his practice or in the hospital he enjoys his time with his family and his friends.

At Madison Surgical Associates, we understand that any type of surgery is a life changing event and impacts a patient’s life at all levels. We know losing weight is difficult – and more so is keeping it off. Being overweight not only hurts your health, but also has a negative impact on your quality of life and the way you feel about yourself.

Weight Loss Surgery can help you overcome the challenges of weight loss as long as you follow through your own personal plan established by an experienced bariatric team and you have overall realistic goals. Many of Madison Surgical Associates patients agree that their surgery was a “tool” in making the change in their life – in fact, many say they wish they would have done it sooner.

In our practice we combine the latest in expertise and technique with unparalleled support. Madison Surgical Associates offers several laparoscopic bariatric surgery options, including lap-band, roux-en-Y bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy as well as the latest procedure in bariatric surgery, intragastric balloon. We serve patients in Alabama and surrounding states. Our comprehensive program is designed to fit each person’s unique needs. Madison Surgical Associates includes Dr. Mailapur who is our surgeon, nurses, dietitian, psychologists, as well as insurance coordinators to guide you through the process. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

With follow-up care from our team and support from others on the same path, you can use your surgery as the “tool” to change your lifestyle and navigate the transition to a healthier weight and life. Every life is worth it.

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