Mailapur Health Solutions Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgery

Are you unhappy with your weight loss journey? Are you looking to feel better and gain confidence in yourself? Do you feel like you could benefit from extra support and accountability as you work to be a better version of yourself?


Mailapur Health Solutions offers multiple weight loss strategies to help everyone find the program that best suits their individual lifestyle and personality. One program is specifically designed for bariatric surgery patients that may have regained some of their weight after surgery, and the others involve FDA-approved medications and science-based and behavior-centered nutrition counseling. Fees vary based on which weight loss strategy you choose with Dr. Mailapur on your first visit. All programs are self-pay structured. On the initial visit there will be a $50 fee and health questionnaire that you will be asked to complete.

What makes Mailapur Health Solutions different from every other weight loss program? We offer a unique combination of FDA-approved medication, meal replacement options, and one-on-one support from multiple members of the health care team. You will meet with a physician, nurse, and registered
dietitian to provide accountability and sound, science-based strategies and advice throughout your weight loss journey.

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