ORBERA™ is a simple, incision-less non-surgical outpatient procedure performed in the endoscopy room.  After you are given a mild sedative, the physician will insert the deflated balloon through your mouth and into your stomach. It is then filled with a safe saline solution until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. The balloon is smooth, soft and spherical therefore non-ulcerogenic. The entire procedure usually only takes 20 or 30 minutes and most people go home the same day. ORBERA™ will remain in place for six months. This is where you might see the most drastic weight loss. With the gastric balloon in place, your physician will provide you with diet and exercise coaching from a team of experts designed specifically for you. Your objective is to develop healthy habits to carry you forward in your weight loss journey. Just like its placement, the balloon is removed through a quick non-surgical procedure. The next six months are an opportunity to capitalize on the momentum by continuing your coaching. When your yearlong program is over, you have established healthy lifestyle choices that help you continue to lose weight and keep it off.

ORBERA™ works by taking up space helping patients to eat smaller meals. It is filled with a safe saline solution to produce satiety.

Advantages of Gastric Balloon Placement (ORBERA )

  • It is a non surgical, less-invasive procedure performed under mild sedative. Does not require stapling, cutting, stomach removal or major surgery.
  • It is removable and therefore a reversible option.
  • Patients usually do not have to stay in the hospital overnight and can return home on the day of the procedure
  • The procedure is much less expensive because it does not involve anaesthetics or longer hospital stays
  • Many patients do achieve satisfactory weight loss in the 6 month period during indwelling of the balloon, provided that they follow an energy-reduced diet as prescribed by their registered dietitian and do physical exercise.
  • Satisfactory improvements in obesity comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems, especially sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and raised blood fats induced by weight loss, were recorded in a large study involving more than 2500 patients with an average starting BMI of 44.4 kg/m2 after 6 months when the balloon was removed.

Disadvantages of Gastric Balloon Placement 

Some people find it uncomfortable, specially after immediately after insertion.

Requires a very strict adherence to diet and exercise. This procedure complements diet and exercise but does not replace them. If patient does not adhere to a planned diet and exercise program he or she may not obtained the weight loss desired or not obtained any weight loss at all.

Dr. Mailapur practices Bariatric Surgery at HH, a MBSAQIP Accredited Comprehensive Center.