I have been considering weight loss surgery for 2yrs now. I decided to do my research and I did. I have hypertension, sleep apnea and on the borderline of being a dietbetic. One year ago I decided to attend Dr.Mailapurs siminar and it was encouraging, his staff was very knowledgeable about everything.After completing all of the prerequisites that Dr.Mailapur required , I was ready for surgery. During this time his staff kept in contact with me and made the entire process that much easier.One week before my surgery date which was August 19, 2019 I met with his nurse,PA,and Dr.Mailipur himself as they all made me feel calm and relaxed as they listen to any questions or concerns that I may have.Dr.Mailipur told me that he would take great care of me. On my Surgery date we talked and he ensured me that once again he would take care of me and promised to give me a tool to succeed. Dr.Mailipur did his part as promised and now I have to fulfill my end of this deal as I will. Dr. Mailapur and his staff are elite well educated and dedicated into helping people change there lives and I would like to say THANK YOU!