In April of 2018 I was at my nieces birthday party, later on that day when all the pictures had been uploaded there was a candid of me sitting in the floor, looking like a COW! and not even a cute cow! It was then I knew I had to do something. I was at my highest weight of 274lbs at 26 years old.. I was miserable and unable to do a lot of things with my daughter because I was just always too give out. I wanted to be better for her and myself. A coworker of mine had just hit her 1 year mark from surgery and looked amazing! So I started getting info from her. In May my best friend and I (who has also always struggled with her weight) went for our initial consultation. We started the program that day and by August we were getting our surgery. It wasn’t easy at first but I found what worked for me and have done amazing since then. I hit my goal weight at 8 months post op and just celebrated my 1 year! I’m 10lbs under my goal weight and I’ve never felt better! I no longer eat just for pleasure, out of boredom, or to fill a void! I simply eat to survive. I’ve found other ways to cope with sadness or stress besides eating. I have my life back and can enjoy being with my daughter. Ihave a whole new mindset and it’s all thanks to Dr. M and his amazing staff! 133# down and never looking back!