Kelly Forester

Just do it! I’m amazed…and it hasn’t been remotely as difficult as I was expecting. Dr. Mailapur and his staff are awesome, especially since they tolerated me and my influx of questions with patience and understanding!

At 47, I looked back at the last 10 years and realized that I quit smoking BUT I gained 100 pounds. My back, knees and feet hurt, I had reflux, obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure, super high blood sugar…and my family doctor just wanted to add more medications to the growing list. No thanks!

I had gastric sleeve surgery Dec 17, 2018 and 16 days later I’m down “officially” 14 pounds. My shoes are too big now, my wedding ring is loose, and my pants hang on my hips already. That doesn’t include the weight I lost on the pre-op diet so altogether I’ve lost around 20 pounds and I’ve already stopped one of the meds. Yes, you have to change habits but for a better you. Yes, you have responsibilities but for a new you. Yes, Dr. Mailapur has expectations but it’s because he wants the BEST for you! I never once felt like just the next in line. He is genuinely vested in your health. Do it!