Jeff Tidwell

I went through the process and decided to have surgery in 2018. My sleeve surgery was done by Dr. Mailapur on March 13, 2018. When I decided to first go to the seminar I was totally unsure of myself and whether I would actually even consider having the surgery. The staff and Dr. Mailapur were so convincing, while also being realistic and honest that I decided to start the long process of weight loss through bariatric surgery. The day of that seminar I weighed 351 pounds. I suffered from adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was 32 years old and taking six daily medications for numerous issues. I have a beautiful young wife that I want to be around for and to spend the rest of a long life with. We decided as a team to go through the process of having this surgery to maybe help prolong my life. Today, as I write this I am currently one year out from walking into Huntsville Hospital and having a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. I have closely followed the guidelines set forth by Dr. Mailapur and his staff which I believe is key to success. Today, one year since surgery, I am less than half the man physically that I was then. I currently weigh 172 pounds and am off ALL medications. Do yourself the favor of doing this surgery and making the commitment needed to maintain results! I would not recommend any other place than Dr. Mailapur and his team. They truly care about their patients and it shows!